Jim Adler The Texas Hammer Net Worth, Wikipedia, Son, and Death of Jim Adler

Jim Adler, a Dallas native, has practiced personal injury law for over 40 years. He is the founder of the Houston law firm Jim S. Adler & Associates, and his face may be seen on TV commercials in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Jim Adler has represented clients in auto accidents, trucking accidents, offshore accidents, Jones Act cases, refinery accidents, construction injuries, burn injuries, brain injuries, on-the-job accidents, slip-and-fall cases, railroad accidents, electrical accidents, and a variety of other personal injury cases.

For almost 40 years, Jim Adler has been hammering for personal injury victims, earning him the moniker “The Texas Hammer.” He has been outspoken in his opposition to large organizations and insurance firms that have attempted to deny the rights of those who have been injured in accidents.

Jim Adler’s Biography
I began my career as a law enforcement officer for the Texas State Securities Board, representing bereaved ladies and inexperienced investors who had been duped out of their life savings by shady gold and oil-and-gas deals.

Then, in 1973, I started my own practice. I was doing divorces, bankruptcies, and personal-injury cases—basically anything where I could help the little guy.

My first vehicle accident case was a rear-end collision case, which I tried in front of a jury. Unfortunately, I came up short—it was an eye-opening experience. The jurors, I suppose, believed the truck driver. My client was late for court, which could have been one of the reasons the jury decided to punish him. A rear-end collision is almost always winnable.

Early Years of Jim Adler’s Life
Jim was born and raised on a farm in Texas. When he was four years old, he reportedly told his mother that he wanted to work with his intellect rather than his hands when he grew up.

His mother insisted that he study Spanish from an early age, believing that it was critical for him to be multilingual.

He enlisted in the army when he was 18 years old in order to pay for his studies. Jim Adler was a judge for the Office of Civilian Health and Medical Programs United Services after serving in the United States Army and Navy. He then opened his own law firm in Houston.

Jim Adler’s Marriage and Son
He has been married for over 38 years as of 2017. He has four children and five grandchildren through his wife.

Bill, his eldest son, works at his law firm and has stated that he intends to pass over his legal empire to his grandkids.

Professional Life of Jim Adler
He served in the United States Army before starting his own law company. He became a lawyer as a result of his service in the army, and he spent more than a decade working for the Legal Divisions of the US Army and Navy.

In Houston, he established his law business “Jim Adler & Associates” in 1973 without any assistance. Jim Adler & Associates now has offices in the following cities:

With more than 20 attorneys and 250 legal support employees, the firm serves Houston’s Uptown/Galleria region, Channelview, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Adler, Jim Commercials for Texas Hammer
Unlike many other lawyers in the city, Jim Adler is well-known for his media appearances and tough-talking television commercials.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and pay attention. New Jim Adler commercials are currently airing on television…

Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer (@JIMADLERLAWFIRM) originally tweeted this on February 21, 2018.

“A shady insurance provider will single you out for a lower payment.” I’ll go after them to get you every dime back. My name is Jim Adler, and I’m the Texas Hammer. “Call now 713-777-4000,” he adds in a threatening tone on this advertisement.

“When you’re in the middle of a bad truck crash, it ain’t nice.” Insurance firms that are greedy play nasty. Let the games begin. My name is Jim Adler, and I’m the Texas Hammer! Take them on with Jim Adler, a tough, astute attorney who understands how to beat them at their own game. I’m tough and wield a colossal hammer! As a speeding truck comes to a halt in front of him, he exclaims, “I thought so hehe.”

Jim is a family man, and his dedication to children can serve as an inspiration to many.

Former Houston Mayor Bill White selected Jim Adler to the Joint City/County Commission on Children’s Board of Directors in 2009, acknowledging his longstanding commitment to assisting children.

Son, who is Jim Adler?

Bill Adler, Jim Adler’s son
“Having my kid work at the firm with me is the nicest thing that has ever happened to me.” He’ll make sure that all of the hard work I’ve put in over the years, as well as the family’s heritage of helping the underdogs, is carried on,” Jim Adler says.

Jim has always prioritized his family. Jim Adler’s wife of 38 years, their four children, and their five grandchildren make up his large family. Bill Adler, Jim Adler’s son, now works in the same law office as his father. Jim Adler’s son attended the University of Texas in Austin for his undergraduate degree and then the University of Texas School of Law for his law degree.

Professional Qualifications of Jim Adler
Jim Adler is admitted to the Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals and the United States District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, Northern, and Western Districts of Texas.

He’s also a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Houston Trial Lawyers Association’s board of directors.

Jim belongs to the Texas Bar Association, the Houston Bar Association, the Texas Bar Foundation, the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association, the Dallas Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the American Trial Lawyers Association.

“I always had a desire to help underdogs, the little guy, against huge corporations and big insurance companies, and to level the playing field for accident victims,” he says as a dedicated champion for injury victims.

Jim Adler’s net worth is unknown.
“Can you tell me how much a personal injury lawyer earns?”

Jim Adler is a contingency fee attorney.

Jim does not bill clients by the hour; instead, he and his clients sign a contingency fee agreement under which Jim gets paid only if he wins a case, and only from a pre-determined fraction of the settlement sum, not from the client’s own pocket.

He gets around a third of the settlement money. Jim usually obtains such settlements for injured victims by negotiating with the defendant outside of court.

Jim Adler also does not charge a retainer. He exclusively works on a contingency fee basis, which the client agrees to.

Attorneys at Jim Adler & Associates earn an average of $80,000 per year, with legal assistants earning $30,000. Jim Adler has a net worth of $12 million, which includes his part of the legal company and his personal investments.

Jim Adler’s Salary Jim Adler’s Death
In the year 2016, a well-known Dallas personal injury attorney was discovered deceased in his automobile. But it was Brian Loncar, not Jim Adler, who was discovered dead. Because both of the lawyers were from Dallas, the rumor that Jim Adler died of a cocaine overdose has propagated, although this is not the truth. As a result, Jim Adler is still alive and working as a personal injury attorney.

Brian Loncar’s life ended tragically on the morning of Dec. 4, 2016, when he died of a cocaine overdose in his Rolls-Royce. Loncar died a week after his 16-year-old daughter, who had been fighting depression, committed suicide outside his legal office.

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