Install / Download Pokesniper 2 on Android / iPhone and Windows

Here’s how to get Pokesniper for your iPhone, iPad, and Android device. Learn how to use Pokesniper to locate ultra-rare Pokémon near your home.

More information about Poke Sniper 2 may be found here.

Good day, guys! Today You will learn how to download and install Pokesniper Tool for free on your iPhone, iPad, and Android device in this post. Every Pokémon Go trainer wishes to catch Ultra-Rare Pokémon without being banned from the game. However, due to game hacking, the official Niantic Team has recently banned a number of accounts. While Pokesniper Tool can assist you in locating and catching Rare-Pokémon for Game Battling.

Pokesniper is a widely used tool for locating rare Pokémon. If you’re unfamiliar with Pokesniper, don’t worry; I’ll give you a whole guide in this post. Poke Sniper is a form of Pokemon Go sniper Bot that is a little but extremely handy application that can catch any Pokémon in any location, regardless of where you are.


Pokesniper 2 Sneak Peek

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0.0.1 What is the purpose of Poke Sniper 2?

Pokesniper is a pokemon that may be found in the Pokemon games.

Pre-Requisites: 0.0.3

1 Pokesniper is available on Windows, Android, and iPhone.

1.0.1 Interesting Pokesniper App Features

1.1 Download Poker Sniper for iPhone and iPad for free.

1.2 Get the Pokesniper app for Android devices and install it.

1.3 How to Install and Play Poke Sniper 2 on PC and Mac

1.4 Using Tutu App, Install Pokesniper On iPhone:

1.5 Using iOSEmus, install the Pokesniper app on iOS:

1.6 Bluestacks Download Pokesniper Apk For Windows:

1.7 Using Cydia Impactor, install Pokesniper on your iOS device:

1.8 Best Poke Sniper 2 alternatives

Pokevision 1.8.1:

PokeFind 1.8.2:

Pokiimap 1.8.3:

1.9 What Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions?

1.9.1 Final Thoughts:

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What is Poke Sniper 2 all about?

The Pokesniper-2 is a popular Pokémon Sniper Tool that allows you to effortlessly locate and catch Legendary and Ultra-Rare Pokémon. It also has a Teleportation feature, allowing you to catch those Pokémon without having to leave your house. The most important feature is that it is not affected by the Soft Ban or Shutdown Bar.

There are numerous great features in the Pokesniper App that you can simply find. Name and Accurate Co-Ordinates are required Pokémon Locations. Allow for the addition of multiple Pokémon Trainer Clouds. Continue reading to learn How to Catch Pokemon from Home Locations Using Poke Sniper 2.

Information about the app:

Pokesniper is the name of the app.

Sniper Tool for the Pokémon Go Game is a category.

Compatibility with Apple Products:

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Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/XP/Vist

Android smartphones running a newer version of Android.


There is an active internet connection.

You’ll need some storage space on your smart smartphone to download this software.

Devices running Windows, Android, and iOS are required.

There is no need to root Android devices or jailbreak iOS smartphones.

Pokesniper is available on Windows, Android, and iPhone.

The Pokesniper is the most popular tool for locating legendary Pokémon, and iOS users may get it for free from the Apple Store. If you want more features, such as auto snipe and Gym & Raid, you’ll have to pay money for them.

Note: Uninstall the previously installed Poke sniper Tools from your device before beginning the installation process.

The Poke Spy Tool, on the other hand, does not comply with the Google Play Store Terms, which is why Android users can get it through a third-party app store. However, we now supply you with a working download link. Before we go into the installation steps, let me tell you about some of the app’s unique features so you can decide whether or not to download it.

Pokesniper App’s Interesting Features

Within your Home Location, you can find and catch Legendary Pokémon.

It has the potential to allow us to teleport from one coordinate to another with a single tap.

Using Teleportation, you can easily catch Pokémon without having to use another tool.

To locate a specific favorite Pokémon on the map, use the Filter Option or the Search Name.

Pokesniper is the safest tool, as it is not banned.

Install the Poker Sniper App for iPhone and iPad for free.

Steps for iDevices Installation:

Official Poke Sniper Tool Available for free on the Apple Store, so first open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad device.

Then tap the Search icon and type “Pokesniper” into the Search Box before pressing the Search Button.

After that, click the Get Button and enter your passcode on the window.

Note: Your iOS Firmware must be 8.0 or higher in order to download the Pokesniper App.

Pokesniper is an Android app that you may download and install.

To begin, open your Android device’s search browser and go to the following URL to get Pokesniper Apk.

Apk (Android)

Then, on the next screen, click the Download Button and wait a few seconds for the download to complete on your Android device.


Select “Download” from the menu.

Simply click on the Pokesniper Apk file to install it after you’ve completed the entire download process.

The Android system will now ask you for permission to install the Apk file on your device.

So, go to the bottom bar and select Install >>>>. After the installation is complete, click the OK button once more.


Install by clicking the Install button.

Using the Pokesniper Apk, you may effortlessly locate and catch rare Pokémon.


Cartoon Movies App can be downloaded for free.

What exactly is cCleaner?

IPA 2022 for YouTube Music is available for download.

How to Install and Play Poke Sniper 2 on PC and Mac

Pokesniper-2 is a web-based tool that you may use without having to download anything. It means that you can track Ultra-Rare Pokémon by visiting the Pokesniper Official from your Windows or Mac computer’s search browser and then logging in to your account.

On your Windows or Mac computer, open Chrome or another browser and go to the following URL.

Now scroll down the page and look through the list for the required Pokémon.

Simply copy the Required Pokémon’s Location Co-Ordinates once it is available.

Now, open a new tab in your browser and go to the following URL.

Paste the Pokémon Co-Ordinates into the Search Box to locate Rare Pokémon on a map.

Using Tutu App, install Pokesniper on iPhone:

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for instructions on how to install the Pokesniper app on your iPhone using Tutu App. Please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

The first step is to download the Tutu App from the official website or App store and install it on your iOS device.

Before you launch the Tutu App after it has been successfully installed, be sure you trust it.

Now open the Tutu App, search for Pokesniper, and install it the same way you installed the Tutu App.

Finally, after the installation process is completed, you can use the application to play Pokemon Go.

Using iOSEmus, install the Pokesniper app on your iPhone or iPad.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for instructions on how to install the Pokesniper app on your iOS device via iOSEmus. Please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

Yes, the first step is to download and install the iOSEmus app on your iOS device, and then trust it before using it.

Now open the iOSEmus app on your iOS device and type Pokesniper into the search field.

The Pokenisper will appear on the screen, and you must select the download option.

After the download is complete, go to the file location and wait a few minutes to install the software.

Finally, install the app and then trust it by heading to settings>general>device management>and then selecting the trust option.

Using Bluestacks, download Pokesniper Apk for Windows:

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for instructions on how to install the Pokesniper app on a Windows device using Bluestacks. Please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

Before beginning the process, you must first download Bluestacks on your computer.

Now, on Bluestacks, use the search box to look for the Pokesniper Apk.

Once you’ve located the Pokesniper on the screen, select the install option and wait a few seconds.

That’s all, Pokesniper is now installed on your Windows system, and you can play Pokemon Go.

Using Cydia Impactor, install Pokesniper on your iOS device:

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for instructions on how to install the Pokesniper app on your iOS device using Cydia Impactor. Please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

Before you begin the process, you must first download and install the Cydia Impactor on your computer.

Then use one of the methods above to install the Pokesniper apk, or go to any website and make sure you trust it.

Connect your iOS device to your computer, then open the Cydia impactor on your computer.

After that, drag and drop the Pokesniper app file into the Cydia impactor, and then install the program using your Apple credentials.

Finally, the Cydia impactor verifies all of your information before beginning to install the software on your iOS device.

Poke Sniper 2’s best alternatives


Poke Sniper 2’s greatest alternative is poke vision. Both apps will perform the same task: they will look for rare pokemon, and this app is also available for PCs. As a result, it is ranked first on the list.


This app will show you where the uncommon pokemon can be found. The program will follow the user’s location on a map and then locate a pokemon of a rare species.


With this software, there is no need to be confused about where to discover the rare pokemon because it will automatically indicate the location of the uncommon pokemon. As a result, the program is considered the greatest alternative to Poke Sniper 2.

According to the reviews, this is the greatest option for rendering the information provided by the user’s experiences.

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What Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions?

1) Is it safe to use this application?

Answer: Yes, using this software is completely safe as long as you only use it for educational purposes. Due to these hacking techniques, you may be prevented from playing Pokemon Go.

2) Is it necessary for me to pay to obtain this app?

Answer: No, you do not have to pay anything to download this program.

Question 3) Is it possible for me to catch Pokemon Go from a stable position in my home?

Answer: Yes, this program allows you to play the Pokemon Go game at a fixed location in order to catch Pokemon.


Finally, you can get the Poke sniper App for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices by following these simple steps. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to find Ultra Rare Pokémon with multi-access. If you have any issues with these tricks, please leave a comment below.

This page explains “How to Download Pokesniper 2” and “How to Install Pokesniper 2” for iOS 7+, iOS 8+, iOS 9+, iOS 10+, iOS 11+, and iOS 12+. For iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. If you run into any other issues when using this app, please let me know in the comments section and I will do my best to provide you with a better solution.

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